Paul Pierce’s Bizarre ‘White Girl’ Comments About Caitlin Clark Go Viral

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Former NBA player Paul Pierce is again going viral for his commentary on basketball.

On Monday night, Caitlin Clark led the Iowa Hawkeyes to a big Elite 8 win vs LSU by scoring 41 points.

Pierce, who is now an analyst on Skip Bayless’ ‘Undisputed’ show, says that he respects “white girl” Caitlin Clark for doing what she did against a “bunch of black girls” in LSU.

“We saw a white girl in Iowa do it to a bunch of black girls. That gained my respect…I didn’t expect that.”

“She didn’t do this to some other little white girls over here in Colorado or wherever, she did it against some girls from LSU, who we thought was some dogs, and put them on her knee and spanked them”

Fans were embarrassed for Bayless for listening to Pierce’s wild take.

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