Paul Wight Recalls The Wrestling Move That Caused Him To Crap His Pants In The Ring

Paul Wight Big Show Poop Pants

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Accidents happen. I’m talking about the kind of accident that involves the bowels.

Accidents can really happen when bad food and wrestling mix together to create a really crappy situation. Literally.

Recent AEW signing, and former WWE star, Paul Wight recently shared an unfortunate moment when his stomach got the better of him in the middle of a match.

Talking with Renee Paquett‪e on her Oral Sessions podcast, Wight recalled an incident in Cape Town, South Africa where the Big Show’s big stomach led to a big problem in his ring gear.

Wight was in the middle of a match with Brock Lesnar, took an F5, and his body just reacted. Of course, Brock Lesnar didn’t help matters any after realizing the Big Show’s pants were full of big logs.

“In Cape Town, I had some bad food and this is back when I had the leather pants you know, thank God.

I hit that mat, [Brock Lesnar] goes ‘Did you sh*t?’ I said ‘Yeah’ He goes ‘Hahahahaha, you sh*t.’

Then while I’m laying in the ring after the F5, he keeps stepping on my stomach like he’s trying to get more to come out.

He had dumped Paul Heyman in the ring too. That was the finish and then I would usually get up, pull Paul up, throw Paul over my shoulder, and carry Paul out. That was the end of the night for the heels. We were totally humiliated.

This night I was humiliated.

So, Pauly is lying there he goes ‘You gonna carry me to the back?’ I’m like, ‘No’ ‘What do you mean you’re not gonna carry me to the back?’ ‘I sh*t myself’ ‘What?’ ‘I sh*t my pants’ ‘I can’t hear you. What?’ ‘I sh*t myself!’ ‘Oh, okay, are you alright?’”

The night only got worse for Wight when he got to the back.

“So, meanwhile, I’m the guy out the back of the arena with a hose, hosing off my pants.”

[via Oral Sessions]