UFC Pearl Gonzalez Displays Workout Progress In Revealing Pink Sportswear

Pearl Gonzalez

Brandon Magnus/Getty Image

Ex-UFC fighter Pearl Gonzalez is proving that life after the octagon can be just as entertaining as the in-ring action, and she’s doing it with a dash of humor and a lot of style.

The mixed martial artist, who once graced the Ultimate Fighting Championships with her presence, has found her new home in the strawweight division of Invicta Fighting Championships.

Now, you might be wondering what Pearl has been up to lately. With a combined following of over 300,000 fans on Instagram and Twitter, she’s not just knocking out opponents in the cage; she’s also knocking out the social media game.

In a recent Twitter post that had her fans’ hearts racing faster than a five-round title fight, Pearl shared a video of herself sporting some rather revealing pink sportswear.

With a cheeky grin, she captioned the tweet, “My workout before my workout!” It seems like even her gym attire is ready to step into the spotlight.

Pearl knows how to keep her fans engaged, and her 4th of July celebrations were no exception. In a patriotic display that made Lady Liberty herself blush, Pearl decided to shed her USA-style bikini and dive into some good ol’ celebratory skinny dipping.

And let’s not forget her recent brush with viral fame when she showcased her talents in a tight blue sportswear during a workout.

Pearl also danced her way into our hearts in those short shorts, proving that Gonzalez is not just a fighter in the cage; she’s a knockout in the dance studio too.