Penn State Ran An All-Time Terrible Fake Field Goal And Football Fans Were Throughly Entertained

Penn State Fake Field Goal Fail Michigan

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  • Penn State ran one of the worst fake field goals in college football history and it couldn’t have been funnier.
  • While the chaos unfolded, the college football fans were thoroughly entertained.
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James Franklin might be addicted to running fakes on special teams. The 49-year-old head coach of Penn State football, who is probably headed to USC or LSU after this season, dialed up two trick plays in the first quarter against Michigan on Saturday.

The first came on 4th-and-6 from the 40-yard-line and was successful. Jim Harbaugh even called a timeout before the play to game plan for some potential tomfoolery, but it didn’t work.

However, the Wolverines were able to hold the Nittany Lions to three points. And it looked like things were going to play out similarly on Penn State’s next possession.

Except this time, facing a 4th-and-goal from the 2, Franklin needed a fix. It had been too long since he dialed up a fake.

To scratch the itch, he did just that. Backup kicker and holder Rafael Checa received the snap and flipped it out to kicker/punter Jordan Stout.

It did not work. At all.

Stout back-peddled, was stuffed for a loss, and then fumbled. Michigan recovered. It was horrible.

As the failure unfolded, the internet had all kinds of hilarious reactions:

Even former NFL quarterback Bruce Gradkowski had something to say:

Franklin has a problem and somebody better check him in to fake kick rehab before he goes out West. The bright lights of Los Angeles are not conducive to a positive outcome for someone with addictions.