Peyton Manning’s Letter To The Crooked Stick Golf Club Staff After The BMW Championship Is CLASSIC Peyton

The PGA Tour’s BMW Championship wrapped up last weekend at Crooked Stick Golf Club in Carmel, Indiana. Peyton Manning is a member of the prestigious golf club, and if you caught Gatorade’s ‘Dear Peyton’ commercial from a few months back then you already know that Peyton Manning is renowned for sending people personalized thank you letters. In true Peyton Manning form he fired off one of these letters to the staff and crew of Crooked Stick Golf Club after the BMW Championship finished on Sunday and the letter’s since gone viral on Twitter because of how unintentionally hilarious it is:

Budweiser and Papa John’s for everybody!!!

Here’s a larger version of the image if that one was hard for you to read:

Gotta love how respectful and earnest Peyton is of the club’s staff, even if he likely wrote this letter because he has unlimited time on his hands to write letters like this. Dude makes millions off Papa John’s and Budweiser, it’s not even a blip on the radar of his bank account to feed the entire club’s staff for an evening and get them drunk on Bud Diesel. He probably didn’t even intend for this letter to go viral, but it did, and it’s amazing. I’ll definitely miss that big ass forehead on the sidelines this season.


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