Peyton Manning Explains Eli’s Super Bowl Face, Cracked Eggs On His Head With Magic Johnson

Quarterback Peyton Manning dropped by The Tonight Show and discussed why his brother Eli had that face during the Super Bowl as well as played Egg Russian Roulette with the one and only Magic Johnson on Wednesday.

After the Denver Broncos scored a touchdown to go up 22-10 late in the fourth quarter in Super Bowl 50, cameras panned to the Manning suite. That’s where everyone was raucously jubilant except for Peyton’s brother, Eli Manning.

Peyton told Jimmy Fallon that his brother has had this exact look on his face all his life.

“It’s funny, when I saw that clip, Jimmy, I’ve seen that look before. I recognized it,” Peyton said. “At some other big moments in my life he kind of had that similar expression.”

Peyton then told of once-in-a-lifetime moments when Eli had the same blank stare such as being drafted first overall by the Colts, telling his brother he and his wife were expecting twins and explaining that he had finally healed from neck surgeries.

Later, Fallon sat out of his hilarious skit of Egg Russian Roulette, so that two legendary professional athletes could duke it out. He pitted Manning and fellow sports star Magic Johnson.

“I had dreams growing up of being able to play Magic one-on-one someday,” Manning said before selecting his first egg. “I never thought it’d be in Russian Egg Roulette.”

“He can’t go back to the NFL!” Johnson said after Peyton smashed an egg on his head. “They’re gonna kill him now.”

Before they got all eggy, Johnson attempted to recruit Peyton into joining the Los Angeles Rams.

“I tried to talk somebody out of retirement and come to the Rams,” Johnson told Fallon, while pointing over his shoulder to Manning. “I said, ‘Man, if you play again, come to the Rams.’ I was working on him backstage. I will even chip in some money.”

Manning, who’s NFL future is still very uncertain, sat quietly and laughed through the recruitment pitch. The five-time NFL MVP started to blush as the verbal bouquets were thrown by the Lakers legend.

“Look, look, look,” Magic said. “He’s turning a few colors over here.”

“I’m getting embarrassed,” Peyton said.

“I want to cheer for him if he don’t retire as a Ram,” Johnson later said. “I got my recruiting hat on right now.”

One of Fallon’s signature bits is his “NFL Superlatives,” where he pokes fun of the dopey faces of football players. On Wednesday night, Peyton got revenge for all his fellow NFL players by giving Fallon a taste of his own medicine.