Phil Kessel’s Elderly Grandma Is A Huge Bro, Chugs Champagne Out Of Lord Stanley’s Cup During A Family BBQ

As is tradition, the Stanley Cup has been making the rounds this Summer with each player from the Pittsburgh Penguins getting to take The Cup home with him for an extended period of time. Right now the cup is with Phil Kessel, three-time All-Star Right Winger for the Pittsburgh Penguins, and it looks like Phil’s been partying hard with The Cup in his possession.

One of Phil’s relatives, Keri Kessel, threw up this Instagram of their elderly grandma chugging champagne out of the Stanley Cup during a family event and I have to admit that it warms my heart a little bit to know that Phil’s grandma is a huge bro:

It looks like the rest of the family also jumped at the chance to sip champagne out of The Cup:

And as noted over on Deadspin, Phil also took Lord Stanley’s Cup to a local children’s hospital to spread cheer:

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(h/t Deadspin)