Phil Mickelson Loses His Mind And Pulls A ‘John Daly’ At US Open, Gets Ripped To Shreds By Golf Purists

Phil Mickelson lost his mind today and let his emotions get the best of him at the U.S. Open.

On the 13th green at Shinnecock Hills on Saturday, Mickelson’s bogey putt passed the hole and was sliding down a slope when he ran over and swatted it back toward the hole as the ball was still moving, which is a clear two-stroke penalty.

With the penalty, Mickelson was given a quintuple-bogey 9 on the hole. The hole moved Mickelson to an terrible 9 over for the day and put him 15 over for the tournament.

Mickelson’s meltdown is reminiscent of John Daly’s infamous lapse in judgement back in the 1999 US Open in Pinehurst when he swatted a ball rolling down the green.

Of course the golf purists came out of the woodwork to rip Mickelson to shreds.

Update: After the round was over, Phil was asked about what was going through his mind and here’s how he answered.

Look, I don’t mean disrespect, I know it’s a two-shot penalty. At that time, I didn’t feel like going back and forth and playing that shot over…I’ve had multiple times I was thinking about doing that, and this time I finally did.”

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