Phil Mickelson Has A Better Right-Handed Golf Swing Than Most People Who Actually Golf Right-Handed

Earlier today, during his Ryder Cup match with Rickie Fowler, Phil Mickelson found himself in an all-too-familiar position us amateur golfers often face: his ball was right near the out-of-bounds fence and he had no swing. Because Phil is Phil, he flipped his left-handed club around and hit the ball right handed. Decently, too. And to be honest with you it disgusts me. You’re good enough as it is left-handed, Phil. Why can’t you just suck right-handed? Why couldn’t you whiff or shank it into your own dick? No, you have to swing it smoothly and actually make decent contact.

Obviously this comes as no surprise. There are several professional golfers who play close to scratch playing from the opposite side. In fact, I once saw Vijay Singh, during a silly-season skills challenge event, play one of the stations left-handed. It was a par three and he nearly jarred it. Stuck it within three feet. Just look at him practicing. Just as smooth as Phil.

These guys really are good. Too good if you ask me.