Philadelphia Chef Creates Sandwich To Symbolize How Much Sam Bradford Sucks

Sam Bradford Philadelphia Eagles v New England Patriots

Jim Rogash/Getty Images

The pulled pork sandwich itself, however, does not look like it sucks. At all. And the best part?

Well, Big Q BBQ chef Drew Abbruzzese is giving a handful of his new creations out for free, too.

From Philly Voice:

“Starting at noon on Wednesday, the Levittown, Bucks County, barbecue joint will make a big ol’ anti-Bradford statement by giving away 150 free Sam Bradford sandwiches. The sandwich is a meaty dig at the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback’s recent Carson Wentz-spurred trade drama: deep-fried jalapenos represent him in “the hot seat,” pulled pork represents him getting pulled, the potato roll represents him “going down like a sack of potatoes” and the spicy cream cheese is a nod to Philly. The fried chicken’s symbolism, he said, was obvious.

He’s even adding moist towelettes to the package, meant to take the “cleaning up process to the next level.”

The Sam Bradford sandwich will also be on the menu beyond Wednesday, on special for $5 until Bradford is traded away. After that, the price will hike up to $7. Notably, that seven is Bradford’s jersey number.

Damn, that think sounds/looks delectable. And at that price point, it sounds like a goddamn bargain given everything piled on it.

So that we’re clear, though, I don’t exactly think Sam Bradford is that bad of a QB to warrant the scorn of a sandwich intended to “burn” him. But hey, everyone is entitled to their opinions right? I will say, however, that the stunts he’s been pulling since the Birds made moves to acquire Carson Wentz have toed the line of professional.

There’s two options here: cry like a baby and demand a trade until you get your way OR act like you’ve been there before, come into camp and win the starting job like the Eagles have indicated you can do, and be a mento to the youngster, helping the franchise in the process.

Take the high road, Sam. And maybe but not really try one of these sandwiches out while you’re at it.

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