The Sixers Continue To Suck, Just Screwed Up The Easiest Fastbreak Ever

For the past few seasons, the Philadelphia 76ers haven’t exactly been what you would call good, finishing in the cellar of the Eastern Conference and, once again, stumbling to a pathetic 8-44 record so far this year.

And for those Sixers fans who want to hold out hope that things are bound to get better, take a look at this three-on-one fastbreak that the team screwed up to quickly pull you back to reality, because, my goodness, they’re terrible.

Maybe even worse than the botched fastbreak is the fact that it came against the Sacramento Kings, who are in turmoil themselves and suck almost just as much as Philly.

Come to think of it, I don’t know why anyone is even paying attention to the game between these two teams, because two high schools could provide better basketball.

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