Phillies Fans Are Melting Down As Their Historic Collapse Continues

Phillies Fans Are Melting Down As Their Historic Collapse Continues

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No franchise in professional American sports has lost more games than the Philadelphia Phillies. And, they have the second-longest playoff drought at 10 years, behind the Seattle Mariners’ 20-year drought.

But, things looked pretty good for the Fightins just a few weeks ago. They were comfortably in the wild-card spots in the National League. But, things have not gone well lately, and now they’re hanging on by a thread.

The Phillies are in a skid and are hanging on by a thread

Things have not been going well in Philadelphia. After they won seven of eight games in mid-September to look like they were in complete control of their destiny, they’ve gone on a 3-10 skid. This has put them in a tie with the Milwaukee Brewers for the third and final Wild Card spot, with the brewers having the chance to take a 1/2 game lead Thursday night against the Miami Marlins.

This was capped off by a terrible loss to the lowly Cubs on Thursday, 2-0.

This is a team trying to win now, too. They were aggressive in the offseason with acquisitions like Nick Castellanos and Kyle Schwarber. Plus, they have big commitments to players like Bryce Harper, JT Realmuto and Zach Wheeler. They are supposed to be winning right now, but they are not getting it done.

Philadelphia fans are not happy

Not that their fans are easily pleased to begin with, but they’re an unhappy bunch right now.

This just about sums up how they are playing right now

Of course, this is seeming oddly familiar to the 2020 Phillies who just had to win a couple of games down the stretch to get in.

This may be a little extreme, but the situation is that dire.

If they were to miss the playoffs, it would not be surprising for them to nuke the entire core of the team and start over. Of course, that would only elongate their streak of futility. Yes, the Eagles are 3-0, the Sixers had a good offseason, but it can’t all be well in Philadelphia.