Philly Sports Analyst Says On TV Eagles Players Need To Be ‘Cut Off’ From Sex Until They Play Better

Philly Sports Analyst Eagles Cut Off

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After winning the Super Bowl last season, the Philadelphia Eagles are off to a rocky 2-3 start to the 2018 NFL season.

So, naturally, with Philly being Philly, Eagles fans are already melting down and looking for the team to make some drastic changes.

However, of all the suggestions to help get the Eagles back on track, none may be more drastic than what Fox 29 sports analyst Garry Cobb suggest Monday morning on live TV.

Cobb, who played linebacker in the NFL for 11 years, six seasons with the Lions, three with the Eagles, and two for Dallas, suggested that Eagles players need to be “cut off” until they start playing better. And by “cut off” he means stop having sex. (Maybe that’s Buffalo’s problem.)

“I think they need to go on a fast,” Cobb told the Fox 29 crew.

“What kind of fast?” asked one of the show’s anchors.

“Not a food fast,” replied Cobb. “The boys need to be cut off.”

“From…from sex?” the anchor asked, as the woman seated to Cobb’s left broke into hysterical laughter.

“You think that would make a difference? You think that’s the issue? They’re getting too much?!” she asked Cobb.

“It clouds up your mind,” he answered, while gesticulating wildly.

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Never change, Philly.

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