Dude Balls In Pickup Games Dressed EXACTLY Like 90s Michael Jordan Gets Surprise Of His Life From Real MJ

Back on July 4th, Jeffrey Harrison was ballin’ in complete Michael Jordan regalia, including arm and leg sleeves. Even the bald head.


Even the warmup suit. Even the stache.


This just isn’t a one-time event. Jeffrey, who is from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, has been a fan of Jordan since he was 4-years-old and imitating his hero since 2010. Playing in that Jordan jersey gives Harrison motivation that he can overcome anything, including his autism, which has hurt him in finding a job.

“He wakes up in the morning watches Michael Jordan videos, studies Michael Jordan moves,” said Harrison’s close friend Alfred Byrd.

Harrison’s perfect impersonation of Michael Jordan went viral, so viral that it got back his Airness himself.

Michael “Jeffrey” Jordan sent Jeffrey some sweet gear to add to his collection.

KREM’s Darnay Tripp documented the special gifts.

There was even a letter from “his friend, Michael Jordan.”

And then, Michael Jordan called the 33-year-old superfan.

“I knew it was him. It kind of brought me to tears after I got off the phone so I figured this is really going to be nice,” Harrison told KREM. “The fact that Michael Jordan took the time to call and put all this together. I love it, even the cologne, even the sweats. I love it.”

Michael Jordan, still the GOAT.


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