Pirates Infielder Rodolfo Castro Drops iPhone While Sliding Into Third Base And Fans Are Confused

Pirates Infielder Drops Phone While Sliding Into Third Base

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The Pittsburgh Pirates and Arizona Diamondbacks series is not an entertaining one. These are two of the worst teams in the National League, although young sensation Oneill Cruz is definitely worth watching.

Well, Tuesday’s game gave everybody an unbelievable, must-see moment. Pirates infielder Rodolfo Castro was running the basepaths and slid into third base.

He was safe, but somehow, his iPhone dropped out of his pocket and onto the dirt. Here’s the video.

Everybody here was confused, and the umpire’s reaction was priceless. Fans online flocked to Twitter and marveled at this never-before-seen event.


There are a ton of hilarious comments on Castro’s phone falling out of his pocket. Moreover, this has to be an issue the MLB looks into, right?

Is this even allowed?

This is a first, at least from what we have seen over the past decade or so. A phone falling out while he is sliding into third base?

The best part of it all, however, is that Rodolfo Castro didn’t even remember having his fun in his pocket. Here’s the entire explanation.

There might be some punishment coming from the MLB, and a fine seems to be the most likely scenario. Nonetheless, this might be the first time we have ever seen somebody’s phone fall out of their pocket.