Pissed Off Tom Brady Angrily Throws Helmet, Smashes Tablet On The Sideline

Tom Brady is not having a great game against the Saints.

During the first half of the Saints-Bucs game, Tampa Bay was held scoreless as Brady was held to 115 passing yards,

An angry Brady was seen yelling and throwing his helmet on the sideline.

A pissed-off Brady was later seen smashing his Microsoft Surface tablet on the sideline.

Fans loved seeing an angry Brady on the sideline.

“You think people would be offended, but it’s a Microsoft tablet. Nobody that isn’t paid to use them uses them.”

“When you don’t have the NFC Pro Bowl roster to throw to anymore:”

“you love to see it. him and aaron rodgers should have a surface throwing contest”

“Saints have this man in hell every time lol”

“That man might just call Gisele home tonight and call it a career”

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