The Pittsburgh Pirates ‘Game Of Thrones’ Inspired Starting Lineup Would Make George R.R. Martin Proud

So, the Pittsburgh Pirates have apparently been using this pretty sweet Game Of Thrones-inspired lineup introduction video for some time now this season. But until now, the only way to see it was a visit to PNC Park to watch it unfold live.

However, the fan reaction was so astounding to the freakin’ masterpiece of editing, that the Pirates decided to throw it up on Vimeo for all the world to see. George R.R. Martin would be proud (if he sees this, but I’m not sure he knows how to internet).

From CBS local affiliate KDKA2:

According to the video, modeling, animation and setup was done by Gary Baker and Jason Cauveren and the folks at Baker Image Group.

The video reportedly took several months to produce.

Zero doubt about that. This thing is two minutes of awesomeness. Like, no way the GoT theme doesn’t get that entire stadium pumped up pregame, as if the flowing Iron City doesn’t do the job just fine. On the iron note, really stellar to see the video’s editors take the liberty to recreate the Iron Throne with bats, too.

Well done, McClatchy & co. Well done.

[via KDKA2]

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