Montreal Canadians’ Star Shows Up Out Of Nowhere To Play Street Hockey With Some Kids

Remember those episodes of old-as-hell TV shows like The Brady Bunch where random athletes would show up to play catch in the backyard and you’re all “yeah, right, that shit never happens in real life.” Athletes don’t just play stickball in the street like Willie Mays anymore.

At least they don’t in the US.

“My older son came running over and said, ‘You have to come, P.K. (Subban)’s playing outside.’ I thought it was a joke.”

But when the Montreal resident got out on to the street in front of his house, he almost couldn’t believe his eyes: the Canadiens star was taking shots on his 8-year-old son, Jack.

Wearing flip flops and a brown fedora, Subban stopped his car in the Montreal neighbourhood of Westmount Sunday evening and joined a group of youngsters playing hockey in the street.

Jack, a forward on a local hockey team, was in nets as Subban took one-timers, passed the puck around, and stick-handled in front of him.

“I don’t even know if he realizes how big that was. You have the Norris Trophy winner taking one-timers on you in a net,” his father said.

The kid TOTALLY realizes how big of a deal this moment is because from this point on he’s going to tell all his friends about the day his dad acted like an excited school girl in front of P.K. Subban.

[via The Star]

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