Portland State Puts Up Jaw-Dropping 91-0 Win Just Two Weeks After 81-7 Loss To Oregon

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There are few things quite like the highs and low of college football.

Take, for example, the Portland State Vikings.

Two weeks ago, the Division I FCS Vikings played the role of nail when they traveled to Oregon and lost 81-7.

The numbers from that game speak for themselves.

They Ducks led 50-7 at the half. Oregon had 729 yards of total offense and 37 first downs. They passed for 381 yards and ran for another 348. The Ducks competed 33 of 38 passes in the contest.

But as the saying goes, there’s levels to this sh*t.

On Saturday, Portland State was the hammer when it welcomed North American University to Hilsboro State. NAU, which was known as Texas Gulf Institute up until 2013, is located in Stafford, Texas just outside of Houston.

The Stallions are an NAIA program that primarily competes in the Red River Athletic Conference. Their first season of school-affiliated competition was in 2020.

And they, like the Vikings, learned about those aforementioned levels.

Portland State started out nicely, taking a 21-0 lead into the second quarter. But that’s when things got out of hand. The Vikings scored 42 points in the second quarter alone to push the lead to 63-0 at the half.

Another 28 points in the third quarter made it 91-0 after three and it looked like we were without a doubt on triple-digit watch.

Thankfully (depending on which side your on), the Vikings let off the gas in the fourth quarter and coasted to a 91-0 victory.

Once again, the numbers told the entire story.

Portland State had 21 first downs in the contest. North American had 2. Portland State rushed for 293 yards. North American had -49.

Sometimes you’re the hammer. Sometimes you’re the nail. The Vikings have been both through just three weeks this season.

As for Oregon, the Ducks are probably putting another notch in their belt when it comes to strength of schedule.