A Possibly Sh*tfaced Craig Sager Passed Out in Hotel Lobby, Became Subject of Amazing Photo Shoot

Unlike the now legendary Drunk Papa John photo, I'm really not sure if we're looking a tired and jetlagged Craig Sager, or a three-sheets-to-the-wind Craig Sager. Evidence for the former: These photos were taken on the Friday after Milwaukee's Game 3 loss to Miami. Sager was going on two weeks of constant NBA-related travel by then. He could have been wiped out. The hotel lobby chair probably looked like a memory foam mattress.

Evidence for the latter: I'm just speculating here, but anyone who's seen Sager's garish and ridiculous suits knows the look of a man who sometimes packs drunk. (Many of us have been there for that vacation-day discovery. “Well, I've brought on this beach trip six sweaters, 15 pairs of socks, and one t-shirt. And a lamp.”) He also works with Charles Barkley, who has been known to partake in adult beverages in the past. That may all tip the scales toward “Drunk.”

Sager's a god regardless. No matter what KG says. (Who's still in the playoffs, Garnett?)

[H/T: Total Frat Move]