Bills Linebacker Gives A Hilarious Reason About Why He Wears A Hoodie During Practices

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Wide receiver James Jones got a bunch of attention last season because he wore a hoodie underneath his jersey—which he wore to help keep him warm—but Buffalo Bills linebacker Preston Brown dons his for a very different reason.

Listen to what Brown told ESPN about why he wears the sweatshirt during practice:

“Everybody thinks I wear it to try to sweat,” he said via ESPN. “I just like wearing it because I hide candy in there.”

Brown, who ESPN mentioned “prefers gummy bears sealed in wrappers,” says that second-year rookie Reggie Ragland is the guy tasked with supplying the sweets.

“He went to Target and got all the big, fun-size, big Halloween-style stuff,” Brown said. “So he’s got candy for days.”

As a second-round pick in 2014, Brown was tasked with the same duty.

“Everybody goes through the candy year,” he said. “I had to get it for [Brandon] Spikes and Keith Rivers and all those guys. I think I was the best candy getter, but [Ragland] is second place right now.”

Talk about a serious sweet tooth, huh?

Many think NFL training camps are meant for players to get into shape and practice good routine, but Preston Brown and his teammates sound like it’s just a good opportunity for snack time.

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