Raccoon Falls From Ceiling During Monsoon And Hilarity Ensues At MLS Stadium

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Raccoon’s are, generally speaking, utterly hilarious creatures.

Much like this writer, all they really want to do is sleep and eat terribly while being left in peace.

But that’s not always easy.

Take, for instance, the little dude that got caught hitching a ride on the back of a trash truck Manchester, New Hampshire just last year.

One place that we can all agree that raccoons don’t belong is in sports stadiums. But where there is food, there is likely to be a raccoon.

Which brings us to Thursday night’s Leagues Cup game between MLS side Real Salt Lake and visiting Liga MX side Club Leon.

The game was a round of 32 matchup that was scheduled to kick off at 8:30 p.m. local time. But mother nature had other ideas.

Instead of the match starting on time, a humongous storm swept through the area forcing players and fans alike to seek shelter.

The storm was so bad that it knocked out the power at the stadium.

Members of the media sought shelter in the warm, dry press box. And so did a curious little guest.

Caleb Turner, a writer for KSL.com, shared a video of a raccoon that reportedly fell through the ceiling in the press box. Unsurprisingly, he bolted straight to the popcorn machine.

Smart little dude.

The raccoon then left the press box and decided to make a beeline for the concourse. Smart move, the concession options are probably far better out there.

Unfortunately, the raccoon put itself in a precarious position and needed to be helped over an overhanging railing by a stadium worker, which didn’t go well.

The raccoon went falling to the concourse below. Thankfully, it was seemingly okay and went bolting, sending fans scattering.

Real Salt Lake’s social media team took a funny view of it all.

Sadly, the match had to be called entirely and was rescheduled for Friday night. No word yet on if the raccoon will be in attendance.