Rams Fans Are Calling For The NFL To Suspend Jamal Adams Over Controversial Hit On QB John Wolford


Seahawks safety Jamal Adams was involved in a controversial hit on Rams QB John Wolford and fans are calling him out on it.

During Saturday afternoon’s Seahawks-Rams wildcard playoff game, Adams hit Wolford in the head with his shoulder as Wolford dove forward.

While there wasn’t a penalty called on the play because Wolford was onsidered a runner by the refs on the field, Fox Sports rules expert Mike Periera believed that Adams should have been flagged for a hit on a defensive player.

This is a foul. He’s defenseless at that point… It’s a hit on a defenseless player, shoulder to the head or neck area…”

Wolford was forced to leave the game and was transported to the hospital in an ambulance.

After the hit, Rams fans called on the NFL to suspend Adams.