Ravens WR Dez Bryant Is Under Fire For Defending Tory Lanez Who Is Accused Of Shooting Megan Thee Stallion After False Viral Report

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It seems like Dez Bryant manages to piss off the Internet at least once a month.

On Thursday afternoon, an unsubstantiated report went viral claiming that charges against Tory Lanez, who is facing 22 years in prison after being accused of shooting ex-girlfriend Megan Thee Stallion in July, were dropped.


The report was later debunked after becoming the top trend on Twitter.

Bryant, who is a fan of Lanez, took to Twitter to celebrate the false report about charges being dropped in the case.


Eventually, Bryant figured out the report was false but still defended Lanez because he was waiting for all the facts to come out.


People immediately blasted Bryant over his take on Lanez.




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