Here’s Some Stuff the Baltimore Ravens Did That Looks Really Bad After Viewing the New Ray Rice Video


New video of Ray Rice knocking out his then-fiancee in an elevator is, in a word, disgusting. The two-game suspension handed down by Roger Goodell and the National Football League seems even more tone-deaf after watching the Baltimore Ravens running back cock back and obliterate Janay Rice’s face with a single punch.

It didn’t seem possible everyone associated with this situation could look worse than they did yesterday, but here we are.

Rice looks like an even more deranged person. The Baltimore Ravens look like complete idiots for supporting Rice in the wake of the initial incident and trumpeting his return to the team as a feel-good story.


He didn’t sugarcoat it? Well, that’s good. Although it’s basically saying they were fully aware of the incident’s abject violence and still chose to trumpet the victim’s role in all this.  Class, all the way around.

And finally, the NFL looks like either big fat liars or incompetent buffoons.

That’s right. Sports biggest entity is saying it couldn’t get its hands on a tape obtained by TMZ. Very believable.

Happy Monday, everyone. Everything is horrible.



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