Internet Rails On FOX’s Massive New College Football Score Bug Design: ‘Ugliest Thing I’ve Ever Seen’

A view of the field at Snapdragon Stadium, home of the San Diego State Aztecs.

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FOX got its college football season started on Saturday, but fans aren’t thrilled with one particular change. Many have raced to social media to rail on the new scoreboard graphic.

The updated FOX score bug has been met with large criticism as viewers beg the network to go back to its old look.

An internet uproar erupted in the middle of a matchup between San Diego State and Ohio, though it had little to do with the action on the field. Instead, fans blasted a recent change to the views on their television screens.

FOX introduced a new score bug for the 2023 season which shows both the name of each participating team as well as a logo that jolts out to either side of the graphic. It’s a major shift from the previous design, which just stated the team name in bold lettering across the bottom of the screen in a simple, yet sleek look.

Many around the football world are wishing the network would return to the old ticker.

This fan called the new design “hilariously bad,” zooming in to show a jumbled mess inside each team graphic.

Not many are excited about the thought of staring at the new bug for the remainder of the year.

Most noted the huge logos jumping out each end of the ticker.

Others opposed the large size of the graphic at the bottom of the screen.

“It looks like a bad video game,” one person wrote.

“FOX score bug reeks,” another viewer commented.

This fan went further, stating that “it needs to be destroyed.”

Not the best reception to the FOX broadcast adjustment.