Kentucky To Sell Beer At Home Football Games But Fans Aren’t Happy With The Expected Selection

Kentucky football fans react to a play.

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Kentucky football fans received some good news in terms of beer consumption for the upcoming season. The Wildcats have reportedly announced that they’ll sell alcohol at Kroger Field in 2023.

Prior, the school had been one of the last few in the SEC not to offer beer at games. Georgia and Auburn are now the last two conference members holding out. Fans were quick to respond to the news online.

The report comes from KSR insider Matt Jones.

Apparently, the Wildcats tested out alcohol sales at baseball games this spring, including this year’s NCAA Regional in Lexington. Despite record crowds being reported, the school saw no issues amongst fans stemming from intoxication.

As a result, they pulled the trigger on the upcoming football season.

The beer sales will undoubtedly provide the Wildcats athletics department with an extra revenue source. It will also make the games more enjoyable for many in attendance.

Unfortunately, the expected selection for those football contests is being met with criticism.

Assumptions are being made based off of what was sold at the concessions during baseball season, which gave fans the option of Bud Light, Michelob Ultra, or seltzers.

Some Kentucky fans posted their disappointment in the comments section below.

One person said, “That’s not much of a selection,” to which another fan responded, “Talk about watered-down, blah beer; at least get some Modelo or Olympia.”

Someone else wrote, “Unless there’s craft brews available, this will be a joke.”

Others commented on the price, with this follower complaining, “$9 a beer.”

While some were upset, others took this as a step in the right direction.

This fan said, “If you are against this, you are an idiot.”

And after all, these are simply educated guesses. It’s also been reported that craft beer is in consideration, too, though the school has not decided one way or the other.

The announcement comes just days after the state of Michigan opted to lift its alcohol ban for Big Ten sporting events.

We’ll see if more dominoes fall before the football season begins.