Fans Lose It Seeing A Red Sox Hitter Bat Flip A Foul Ball HR In Embarrassing Sweep Vs. Pirates

Reese McGuire hits a pitch during a game vs. Minnesota.

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Major League Baseball fans are losing it online after seeing a hilarious turn of events in the Red Sox recent matchup against Pittsburgh. During the action, a Boston hitter gave an uninspiring bat flip on a home run that would eventually be ruled foul.

The scene was a fitting end to a series full of miscues as the Red Sox were swept at home by the lowly Pirates.

Pittsburgh jumped out to a 4-0 lead through the first six and a half frames in the series finale, but the Boston offense finally appeared to get on track in the bottom of the inning.

An infield single was able to plate the Sox first run of the game before pinch hitter Reese McGuire appeared to tie things up with a three-run homer.

The lefty wrapped a breaking ball from starting pitcher Mitch Keller around Pesky’s Pole in right field. Or so he thought…

Unsure of whether the ball was fair or foul, he provided fans with the least exciting bat flip of all time before trotting around the bases.

McGuire’s worries were then confirmed upon touching home. While the play was originally ruled fair, it was quickly overturned after review.

Fans immediately hopped on social media to post their reactions to the hilarious turn of events.

One person wrote, “Reese McGuire really bat flipped for a foul ball LMFAOOOOO.” Another wrote, “Reese McGuire just learned why you don’t bat flip home runs you thought were foul.”

The three runs would be taken off the board and McGuire would later strike out to end the inning. Boston fell in the game, 4-1, resulting in a series sweep. Pittsburgh improved to 4-2 on the year.