NBA World Thrilled With The Rockets’ New Head Coaching Hire

Ime Udoka coaches from the Celtics bench.

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The Houston Rockets made headlines on Monday with a splash head coaching hire. The Rockets reportedly reached an agreement with former Celtics leader Ime Udoka.

Udoka led the C’s to the NBA Finals last season but was let go for off the court actions. He’s now landed a new gig with hopes of building another NBA power.

Udoka took over for Boston as head coach in 2021. In his lone season at the helm, his team won 51 games on its way to an Eastern Conference crown. The Celtics fell in the Finals to Steph Curry and the Warriors, but they’d laid a foundation for future success.

Unfortunately, things quickly fell apart for Udoka.

During the offseason, he was suspended for an entire season due to an off the court issue. The two sides later parted ways amid the controversy.

It didn’t take long for the head coach to bounce back, though.

Less than a year after his departure from Boston, he’s found a new home in the NBA. Shams Charania reported that he’ll take over as the Houston Rockets leader next season.

Many around the league view this as a home run hire.

Take a look at what the NBA world was saying after the news broke.

Many think the city of Houston now has a trio of top notch professional coaches.

While questions about the scandal from Boston will ultimately come, the Rockets said they did their homework on the situation that led to his dismissal.

Ime Udoka will take over a young roster that won just 22 games last year. He’ll have an uphill battle in turning the team around, but with rumors buzzing about James Harden’s return to the Rockets, maybe some pieces will fall into place.