NBA Fans React With Full-Blown Outrage Over News That The Staples Center Will Be Renamed After Crypto

reactions to The Staples Center name change to Crypto

Getty Image / FG/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

  • News broke late on Tuesday night that the Staples Center in Los Angeles will be renamed ‘The Arena’ beginning on December 25th
  • The NBA world reacted swiftly and unanimously to the news with every basketball fan on the planet agreeing this is the worst possible name for the historic arena
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When news broke late Tuesday night that The Staples Center will renamed ‘The Arena’ beginning on December 25th it was like an atom bomb went off in the NBA world. I’ve yet to see a single person online come out and say this is a good name. Why? Because it’s a truly awful name for one of the NBA’s most famous arenas.

Shams Charania reported the name change shortly after the Warriors dominated the Nets in Brooklyn and the basketball world was still very much online and tweeting about this game. Charania reported this as the largest naming rights deal for a venue in the USA and the current naming rights deal will run for 10 years.

I’m 100% in the camp of ‘this is the worst name ever’ and at the same time, I can’t help but laugh at the fact that the arena is currently named after Staples. It’s an office supply store chain that I haven’t spent money at since I was a kid. Staples is virtually nonexistent in pop culture these days aside from having their name on the arena in Los Angeles.

The reactions on social media to this announcement have been A+ so let’s dive in and check ’em all out.

Renaming The Staples Center on Christmas Day to The Arena somehow makes all of this worse in my mind. Probably because I know I’ll be forced to watch LeBron James and the Lakers on Christmas Day, as we all watch the Lakers every Christmas Day, but this year they’re going to be talking about the Arena nonstop and I’m already annoyed by it before they’ve even started.

I guess the flip side of this is ‘The Cryp’ is a pretty solid nickname. In due time, I’ll have no problems referring to it as The Cryp.