Real Madrid Unveils Futuristic Free Kick Technology But Fans Aren’t Convinced It’s Necessary

Real Madrid Unveils Futuristic Free Kick Technology But Fans Aren't Convinced Its Necessary

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The sports world is always introducing new technology to improve the game and it’s no different in soccer.

The world’s most popular sport has already seen recent developments in Video Assistant Referee (VAR) and goal-line technology. Love it or hate it, a new dynamic has been brought to the game.

As the next step into the future, technology is making its way to the practice field. On Tuesday, Real Madrid CF showcased a new free-kick machine and it’s pretty unworldly.

Why use placeholders or real players in a wall when you can use this beast instead?

Real Madrid CF Unveils New Crazy Free-Kick Technology

The new equipment simulates more realistic free-kick practice with six lifesize figures standing abreast and jumping together. Based on clips in the video, it appears the team can also reduce the total number of figures or adjust the height of individual figures.

Just imagine calibrating the wall to exactly match the individual profiles of upcoming opponents. For example, Real Madrid players will likely practice shooting over a mannequin with Barcelona defender Gerard Pique’s tall stature.

With stuff like this, it’s no wonder the Spanish club is the reigning UEFA Champions League winner.

As impressive as the technology is, fans weren’t all convinced by its necessity. If realism is the goal, then surely actual players would be a better option. Of course, there probably aren’t many who’d be rushing to fill that position.

Other fans were confused as to why the team ditched the flat mannequins, but the answer couldn’t be simpler—they don’t jump.

Even as the next step in innovation, it seems the equipment hasn’t considered every possibility. Currently, it’s dangerously exposed to a cheeky shot underneath the wall.

Jokes aside, the new technology is likely to help improve Real Madrid’s free-kick conversion. Everything counts in the highest levels of competition.

Real Madrid is already extremely dangerous without set pieces. So it’s probably best if opponents avoid giving up free kicks to them for the foreseeable future.