Recent Moves By The Indianapolis Colts Have Created Speculation That One Huge Move Is Coming

Indianapolis Colts logo on a fan

Getty Image / Leslie Plaza Johnson

The Indianapolis Colts made some big changes to their roster yesterday.

First they traded star cornerback Stephon Gilmore to the Dallas Cowboys in exchange for a 5th round pick.

Then it was reported that they are planning to cut quarterback Matt Ryan after his awful 2022 season..

Those two moves will save the Colts more than $25 million in cap space next season.

That has created some speculation about what exactly they plan to do with that cap space.

The popular theory in the comments seems to be that the Colts are going to try and pursue Lamar Jackson.

It’s a move that they have to be considering at this point following the Panthers trading up for pick 1.

The Colts currently find themselves sitting a pick 4 in this year’s draft.

They could offer a trade to the Arizona Cardinals to move up to 3, but it seems at this point that there is no way they end up with either of the safe options at quarterback in this year’s class.

Instead, they are likely looking at Will Levis or Anthony Richardson, who both enter the league with some major question marks.

Instead of betting the future of their franchise on one of these QBs, they could try and land Lamar Jackson for just one more 1st round pick than the rookie will cost them anyway,

After 3 years of short-term answers at the position with two of those years seeing them miss the playoffs, the Colts have every reason to at least be considering trying to land a QB they know can take a team to the playoffs and has already won an MVP.

Maybe the Indianapolis Colts are the team that will finally show interest in Lamar Jackson after so many teams have been reported to be uninterested.