Before Their Season Opener, The Redskins Unveil A Motivational Sign That, Yea, People Are Going To Be Offended By

Here’s the thing about the benefit of the doubt: Once you lose it, it’s damn near impossible to get back.

Under Dan Snyder’s stewardship of the Washington Redskins — which involved price gouging fans, offending large swaths of civilization, hiring incompetent people, and trotting out an inferior product year after year after year after year after year after year after year — the organization barfed away any sort of goodwill it could possibly have.

This year should ostensibly be different, with, for the first time in ages, the team having a respectable coach, GM, and quarterback.

People are genuinely excited.

Never ever underestimate the Skins ability to fuck a chicken in the ear.

Here’s their new motivational sign in their locker room, based off the Kirk Cousin-coined catchphrase “You Like That.”

Sure, it’s innocuous, and clearly related to Cousins, but football doesn’t exactly have the best relationship with crimes of sexual violence, so, like, maybe don’t?

As Amy Schumer’s fake husband said, “Football isn’t about rape. It’s about violently dominating anyone who stands between you and what you want.”

But, more importantly, it’s a stupid sign. An exclamation point? As though that punctuation is what’s necessary to motivate players before a big game.

“!? Now I’m definitely fired up.”