Refs’ Daughter Speaks Out Against High School Football Player Who Violently Attacked Her Father, Provides Update On Her Dad’s Condition

The daughter of the ref who was violently attacked is speaking out against the high school player who went on a rampage after getting ejected.

On Thursday night, Edinburg High School football Emmanuel Duron was arrested after running on the field and body-slamming a ref in a fit of rage.

Via The Monitor

Emmanuel Duron, 18, was charged with Class A assault around 11 a.m. Friday morning during an arraignment at the Edinburg Municipal Court.

A cash surety bond of $10,000 was set for the football player. According to jail records, he posted the bond later Friday through O. Castaneda Bail Bonds. He was released later in the evening, records show.

The ref’s daughter Iris Garcia took to Twitter to blast Duron for going after her dad who was only doing his job.

According to Garcia the ref is doing fine and was only a bit shaken up by the hit.

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