Petition To Replace Joe Buck With Bob Uecker For World Series Broadcasts Is The Greatest Cause Of Our Lifetime

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A petition to replace Joe Buck with the legendary Bob Uecker has picked up tons of steam and might eclipse 50,000 signatures by the time I finish typing this sentence. Bob Uecker is a former pro ball player-turned-radio sportscaster and comedic actor who has been calling the Milwaukee Brewers radio broadcasts since 1971. And even though Bob’s spent his public career with Brewers he’ll forever be linked to the Cleveland Indians due to his part in the Major League movie franchise (clip above) where he starred as Harry Doyle up in the booth.

Replace Joe Buck With Bob Uecker Petition

The petition has picked up tens of thousands of signatures and will most certainly hit the goal of 50,000…but will FOX listen? FOX Sports LOOOOVVVEEESSSS them some Joe Buck, he’s the Golden Child of their organization with his flawless voice and punchable face. There are times when I love Joe Buck and there are times when I want to see him cunt punted into an active volcano.

To his credit, Joe Buck actually responded to this petition and claims that he’d love to have Bob Uecker alongside him for this year’s Cubs v. Indians World Series:

At the very least I’d love to see Bob Uecker throw out one of the first pitches in Cleveland and/or make a brief appearance in the broadcasting booth during one of the games. Even if we can’t get Joe Buck replaced for an entire game we should at least be able to get Bob for a few minutes. In a perfect world, we’d get Rick ‘The Wild Thing’ Vaughn (Charlie Sheen) throwing out the first pitch and Bob Uecker calling that ceremonial first pitch from the booth, and then all would be right in the world.

To sign this petition yourself and help push it over 50,000 signatures (I just refreshed and it’s currently at 46,615) you can CLICK HERE to head on over to!

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