Report: Cops Ordered Tre Mason To Get Mental Evaluation After He Made Bizarre Statements About Al Qaeda

It appears that the Tre Mason situation is taking a very serious turn.

According to a police report obtained by TMZ, Mason’s behavior was so bizarre last week when cops showed up to his home that the police ordered Mason to get a mental evaluation because they believed he didn’t have the ability to make his own decisions.

Via TMZ Sports

According to the report, filed by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office … cops say Tre’s mother had called because her son was “acting unusual and making irrational statements.”
When Tre saw the cops, he threatened to call the White House and have them all fired — and made bizarre statements about Al Qaeda … so says the report.

Upon inspection, cops noticed a hole that had been punched in the wall of Tre’s bedroom and a broken vase and lamp. Tre also had a cut on his hand, but was refusing medical attention.
The officer who filed the report made it clear Tre was in no position to make decisions on his own.

“I believe that Trence does not have the [redacted] ability to make decisions at this time and therefore he was transported to [redacted] where he was treated for the laceration and admitted for evaluation under the [redacted].”

Mason has not shown up to Rams camp and everyone is currently concerned for his well being.

Let’s hope Mason gets the help he needs.

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