Old Tiger Woods Quote About Golf Ball Distance Goes Viral After Proposed Rule Changes

Tiger Woods and Rickie Fowler 2017

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Tiger Woods is the biggest name in the sport of Golf and it’s not even close. When Tiger talks, people listen.

Sometimes, Tiger Woods‘ words carry so much weight his quotes from years ago get brought back out to settle present-day arguments. Case in point, a 2017 Tiger Woods quote about golf ball distance and the need for change.

In recent days, the USGA and R&A have proposed rule changes that would limit the types of golf balls professionals can use. The overarching goal of the changes would be to shorten the distance pros can drive the ball and, in turn, prioritize precision and shot-making.

Talk of ‘shortening’ the game of golf by imposing restrictions on the ball is not new. CBS Sports columnist Kyle Porter shared a 2017 quote from Tiger Woods that has resurfaced and gone viral again:

This Tiger Woods quote comes from the 2017 Hero World Challenge. At that time, Big Cat was ‘adamant about his position’ that change was needed to limit distance off the tee.

At that time, Dustin Johnson (now on the LIV Golf Tour), agreed with Tiger. DJ actually seemed to think that forcing all pros to play the same ball might help longer hitters.

Johnson said “there should be some kind of advantage for guys who work on hitting it far and getting that speed that is needed. Having a same ball that everyone plays … you’re going to have more of an advantage.”

At that time (in 2017), Tiger reiterated that the changes should be specific to pros. Saying “even if you played a pro-member you would have a reduced-flight ball for the pro, and have to play with that type of ball, where as the amateur, go ahead and make it fun, juice the golf balls up, juice the clubs up and let them go have a great time.”

Porter’s tweet above about the 2017 Tiger Woods quote has been seen over half a million times on Twitter.

Many replies echo the common sentiment that it won’t affect amateurs so 99.999% of the golf world shouldn’t care:

If we’re being perfectly honest, the majority of golfers wouldn’t even be able to tell you the difference between two new golf balls on the course.

Why would this be fun? Every golf course would follow suit:

Everything will be fine:

The biggest change to golf would probably be on the manufacturing side. It would, inevitably, lead to some golf ball manufacturers seeing drastically reduced sales. But that shouldn’t impact the USGA’s decision.

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