Rex Ryan Has Jets Fans Fired Up After Aaron Rodgers Trade

Aaron Rodgers

Getty Image / John Fisher

The New York Jets finally pulled off a trade to acquire Aaron Rodgers.

For that reason, many are speculating a major jump in improvement for the offense and franchise overall.

Former head coach Rex Ryan addressed the trade and he has Jets fans absolutely through the roof.

During a segment on Get Up, Ryan showed up repping the Jets with a bomber jacket and his dad’s Super Bowl ring.

From there, he hyped up the Jets’ trade for Aaron Rodgers. Paul Andrew Esden Jr. shares the clip.

Having Aaron Rodgers is a big deal for the Jets. Their quarterback play from last season is arguably the reason why they failed to make the playoffs.

Now, they have a former MVP under center. Perhaps it’s starting to sink in for Jets fans and it’s all thanks to Rex Ryan.

Could this finally be the year the Jets get back to the Super Bowl?

The fanbase really wants Ryan to take on any available job with the franchise.

Overall, this Aaron Rodgers trade is massive for New York. The AFC East is surely going to be a tight race next season.

With that said, look for New York to be competitive in 2023, as Rex Ryan is spot-on about his take on the Jets. They have a solid defense, dangerous weapons, and an improved offensive line.

Aaron Rodgers might just be in the perfect situation after this trade.