RGIII’s Girlfriend Claims Their Car Was Robbed At The Browns Game While RGIII Watched From The Sidelines

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If you can dream up a nightmare for the Cleveland Browns, there’s a good chance it will actually happen. This story from RGIII’s girlfriend so damn Cleveland Browns that it actually hurts my head.

Grete Sadeiko is a Florida State track star romantically tied to the injured Browns quarterback. Today she claims that the duo went to the game together and she valeted the car at FirstEnergy Stadium. When they returned, the former Heisman winner and his girlfriend were missing their wallets:


No way at all are we condoning theft. It sucks you can’t trust anyone these days. BUT…. BUT…. Please tell me we’re all thinking the same thing. PLEASE…. WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU LEAVE YOUR WALLET IN THE CAR?! The whole point of having a wallet is to keep your currency, credit cards, and ID as close to your person as humanly possible at all times. You’re just asking for a bad time it you leave it in your car, visible to the world to see.

The most mind-blowing thing is that both RGIII and his college-age girlfriend did the exact same thing. That’s a double-whammy of stupid.

This tweet, by the way… Golf.


[H/T: The Spun]

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