Richard Jefferson Kept The Receipts As He Hits Paul Pierce With The Ultimate Clap Back

Richard Jefferson

Getty Image / Matteo Marchi

Recently, Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce were discussing former players in the NBA back when they played in the league.

However, when it came to Richard Jefferson, things got a little disrespectful from Pierce.

But as usual, Jefferson had the receipts and hit the former Boston Celtics legend with the ultimate clap back.

The Game Day NBA shares the entire saga. Watch it for yourself, as Richard Jefferson puts Paul Pierce in his place.

Oh boy. How does Pierce even respond to that? Back when the Brooklyn Nets were in New Jersey, Richard Jefferson and his team had the Celtics’ number.

In fact, they were one of the best teams in the league, especially in the Eastern Conference.

Sure, Paul Pierce is a better player, but basketball is a team sport. With that said, Jefferson clearly won this round.

Also, doesn’t it always feel like Richard Jefferson keeps his receipts? This isn’t the first time Remember when he responded to Gilbert Arenas’ comments about a year ago?

Jefferson makes it pretty clear to his peers that if you’re going to come at him, make sure to have your receipts. Because he clearly keeps all of his.

Maybe Paul Pierce will respond in the coming days. But at this point, I have a feeling Jefferson could find more ways to clap back at the Celtics legend.