Riff Raff Is Still Serious About This Wrestling Thing And He’s Already Got A Ring Name

I want to go back a couple months in time to when I had no fucking idea who Riff Raff was, or is, or that a Riff Raff was a thing.

For most of my life, Riff Raff was the leader a gang in the Heathcliff cartoon. He dated a cat with the nicest ass I’ve ever seen on a cartoon. After the VMAs in September, and his “date” with Katy Perry, I now know Riff Raff.

I also now know Riff Raff wants to be a professional wrestler and is being trained by the orange spotlight whore, Hulk Hogan. Riff Raff is dead serious about wrestling. As dead serious as a man who looks like him could be. He’s so serious he’s already picked a ring name, bought a URL for the name and allegedly got it tattooed on his arm. He’s done everything except actual train and wrestle.

He’s no longer Riff Raff he’s Jody Highroller, the Neon Python. The worst part? I don’t fucking hate it. I mean I should hate it but it’s kind of god damn catchy. There have been much, much worse. The Neon Python even has a new T-shirt that I don’t fucking hate either.

If Jody Highroller does somehow manage to make a WWE debut let me know how it goes because I stopped watching weeks ago. Jody Highroller could be champion right now for all I know.

[H/T With Spandex]