Gronk Doesn’t Have A Snapchat Account Because Too Many Chicks Would Send Pics, Also Loves ‘Chicken Sue Flay’

Gronk AMA


Rob Gronkowski did a 30-minute AMA on Twitter today for Six Star, a nutrition company he endorses with great exuberance, and it was very, very GRONK.

Gronk chicken sue flay

// Sue Flay! Oh man, GRONK is a national treasure who loves his mom. He is America. Gronk Snapchat//

Gronk feels that joining Snapchat would lead to an abundance of nude photos of chicks and, perhaps, become an unnecessary distraction. And really, a bro like Gronk doesn’t need Snapchat or any app like it. All the guy needs to do is walk out of his house. Or in some cases, probably just stay in it. Yes, it’s that damn easy for the Patriots tight end.

Gronk Dancing

Gronk considers himself a great dancer. Of course he does. Hopping up and down and bro-moshing is no easy task.

Gronk Top 40

Picturing Gronk jamming out to Adele and Taylor Swift just made my day.

Gronk eating

Gronk considers eating a hobby. God bless this wonderful creature.

Gronk rages in Texas

Attention Texas: Gronk plans to rage in your state. The date is currently TBD. Nonetheless, you’ve been warned.

Gronk gets jacked

This is the least shocking revelation in the history of revelations.

Gronk Twitter chat

Gronk is basically saying we’ve become a faceless, voiceless society. I too miss the personal touch, brutha.

Gronk career talk

Hmm. I would’ve guessed Astronaut, Guidance Counselor, or President of the United States.

Gronk Minion

Gronk misses his Minion. Frankly, so do I.


No, Gronk. You do not need to get stronger. For the sake of everyone in the NFL who plays defense — especially defensive backs — do not get stronger.

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