Rob Gronkowski Crashed A Bachelor Party Disguised As A Leprechaun On St.Patrick’s Day, Said He’s Coming Back To Play For The ’69ers’

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The legend of Gronk continues grow. Despite being saddled with rumors of his discontent with the Patriots, Rob Gronkowski is still having the time of his life off the field. Yesterday, CBS Sports NFL writer Jhn Breech posted this photo of Gronk crashing his bachelor party wearing a leprechaun disguise on St. Patrick’s day. When asked if he was coming back to play next season, Gronk gave Breech a classic answer.

Breech claims that he overheard Gronk telling a Patriots fan that he wasn’t retiring but was coming back next year to play for the Patriots.

I’m drinking at my bachelor party, so roll with this as you will… but Gronk was in the booth next to me at a bar, told a Patriots fan he WASN’T retiring. My dad (all-time leading scorer for Bengals) talked to him. Told him I was media, said TBD on retirement

Gronk’s leprechaun outfit might be better than Johnny Manziel’s Vegas “Billy” disguise. I really hope Gronk doesn’t retire because we need someone as ridiculous as him in the league to keep things fun.

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