MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred Has Some Bold Comments About Pete Rose

MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred Has Some Bold Comments About Pete Rose

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There may not be two more polarizing figures among baseball fans than MLB commissioner Rob Manfred and all-time hits leader Pete Rose.

Manfred is mostly derided by fans. Bud Selig’s successor is accused of not actually loving baseball by fans. He also is associated with unpopular rule changes like seven-inning doubleheaders and a free runner on 2nd base in extra innings.

He even got booed at Derek Jeter’s Hall Of Fame induction.

Rose is probably the most divisive figure in all of baseball and maybe in all of sports. The all-time hits leader was a model player. He played hard, he played fast, and he was productive. But, Rose was banned from baseball in 1989 after evidence of the star betting on games in which he managed came to light. With that, it made him ineligible for the Baseball Hall of Fame, according to the Hall of Fame.

Many want the ban lifted, saying that Rose has served his punishment and belongs in the Hall of Fame.

Rob Manfred spoke out about Pete Rose

Here is what the commissioner had to say.

Those comments seem benign. But, him saying that he doesn’t think that the ban makes him ineligible for the Hall of Fame may change the game for Rose’s candidacy.

A lot of fans think he belongs in the Hall of Fame.

My bet (pun intended) is that he gets in, but only after he is dead.

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