Roger Goddell and His Big Balls Will Be Sitting Outside at the Super Bowl

What? You thought he'd be holed up in some luxury suite with unlimited cocktail shrimp in a climate-controlled atmosphere set to a comfortable 72 degrees? Fuck no. Roger Goodell is a commisioner of the people, and as such, her will be hanging in the stands with them. 

Goodell's seats are in an outside area, like the tens of thousands of fans who will be in attendance for the game on Feb. 2. He has been in the stands with fans at several cold-weather games over the years and has said he loves it.

Of course, he would say he loves it. That's called PR. But will he love it? Let's check that forecast. 

Super Bowl Sunday will feature a high of 37 degrees and a low of 25, with a possibility of rain and snow showers, according to the latest AccuWeather forecast.

Have fun… Rog.