Wait, Roger Goodell Got Paid How Much Money In 2014 And The NFL Is Still A F’n Mess?

As the NFL continues to figure out ways to, unsuccessfully, protect current and former players from head injuries and league Commissioner Roger Goodell continues to put his ego before some of the teams’ owners—Robert Kraft, cough, cough—word came out today just how much the Commish raked in in salary from 2014 and it’s absolutely insane.

Brace yourself, bros, because Roger Goodell earned $34.1 million in 2014.

While his base salary was $3.5 million, Goodell also received a bonus of $26.5 million, a figure that was determined in 2013. In addition, he received $3.7 million in pension and other deferred benefits and $273,000 in “other reportable compensation.”

Am I the only one who finds this to be insane? Roger Goodell, the same man who, as stated above, has put his own ego before some of the players and owners in the league numerous times and seems to go into hiding anytime his leadership is put into question—remember the Ray Rice debacle?—earned $34.1 million during the most tumultuous season the league has had in recent memory.

Goodell, who one could argue is the most powerful man in sports, has mishandled player conduct and has been questioned for incompetency or straight-up lying, so it’s not as if he’s on the list for the Employee of the Year Award.

Granted, his job isn’t an easy one, but still, the fact that a guy who, just a few months ago, many suggested needed to just step down from his post isn’t worth what he’s getting paid, and every single person who watches the NFL knows it.

Oh, and if you’re wondering, Goodell has averaged $20 million a year since taking the Commisioner position in 2006, totaling $180.5 million. Yeah, stupid, right?


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