Roided Up Olympics-Style Competition Set To Debut In December Of 2024

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What would baseball be like if the league just allowed players to freely take performances enhancing drugs?

How fast could Usain Bolt have run is he were able to do the same? What about Michael Phelps in the pool?

We’ll never have those answers due to struct drug-testing protocols meant to ensure the integrity and fairness of those sports and competitions.

But we might  just get a glimpse into the answers to those questions starting next year.

Introducing the “Enhanced Games“, an Olympic-style competition where athletes will not face any drug testing at all.

The idea comes from London-based businessman Aron D’Souza, who told the New York Post that he wanted to create an event to compete with the “corrupt” Olympic Games.

“Fundamentally, the Olympics are broken,” he said. “The Olympics are bloated and over-bureaucratized. The many layers of organizations and committees and subcommittees and federations are an alphabet soup that has created an unbridgeable gulf between the athletes and the Olympic apparatus that is meant to sustain them.”

Additionally, D’Souza says that the Enhanced Games are about giving power back to athlete.

“We believe that individuals are best placed to make decisions about their own bodies, in consultation with their doctors. Therefore, we would welcome all performance therapies that are done under medical supervision,” he stated.

Though he did also note that the games’ insurers may have some limitations.

Competitors will also be offered a free cardiac screening prior to the competition.

All events at the games will be individual, but anyone is allowed to enter.

“If you think you can break a world record, you will be able to apply to enter the games,” D’Souza says.

He also to the Post that over 500 athletes, both amateurs and former Olympians, have expressed interest in the games.

Whether the event happens or not is yet to be seen. But if it does, we could be in for quite the spectacle.