Multiple Fans Run On Field And Make Contact With Atlanta Braves Star Ronald Acuña Jr.

Ronald Acuna Jr

Getty Image / Tyler Schank

We’d all love to meet our favorite athletes. But, a few fans last night at Coors Field in Denver took their desire to meet Ronald Acuña Jr. way too far, causing quite the scary scene.

It comes in the midst of what may be an MVP season for the outfielder. He’s slashing an incredible .335/.418/.572 with 29 homers and 69 stolen bases for the best-in-baseball Atlanta Braves.

But things could’ve taken a turn for the worse during the Braves’ game last night at Colorado. He had a great game, as he stole his 60th base of the year and hit his 29th home run.

But, fans ran out onto the field and made contact with Ronald Acuna Jr., creating quite the scary situation.

That’s really scary. Yeah, I get it, people get excited and run around on the field, like Drew Barrymore in Fever Pitch. But, getting this close to players and making contact with them is something that should come with penalties more serious than a fine.

Fellow Braves outfielder Kevin Pillar spoke out about the incident, commenting on how it was pretty scare.

The Braves’ announcers were also not pleased with what went on.

Thankfully, Acuña is okay. The Braves beat the Rockies, 14-4.