Betting $1,000 On Ronda Rousey To Win Next Fight Not A Wise Financial Move, Would Pocket You $80

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With the news that undefeated badass Ronda Rousey will be taking on another unbeaten fighter, Holly Holm, on January 2, 2016, UFC fans everywhere are stoked to get to see Rousey back in the Octagon, where she always puts on a show.

With nine of Rowdy Rousey’s 12 career UFC matches lasting under a minute—and four of those were under 30 seconds—to say that the chick has been dominating is a fucking understatement, as it’s near-suicide for anyone to go head-to-head with her.

Yet, here’s Holm—a former boxer—who thinks that she can unseat the Queen of the UFC.

Bettors, though? They don’t really see it.

That’s because Ronda Rousey is a 12.5-to-1 favorite over 8.25-to-1 underdog Holm, according to

So what does that exactly mean for those who are interested in throwing down a little cash on Rousey in the fight? It means you’d be a fucking moron, because at those odds, a winning $100 bet would cash-out at $8.

Even more insane, if you want to really be a shark and toss $1,000 on the current betting line, you’ll pocket $80. In other words, don’t be a fucking moron for such little return.

I can think of a hell of a lot better things to do with a gran than try and win a lousy $80, but maybe I’m just being old fashioned.

No fight is ever a guarantee, but, at those odds, Holm may just want to avoid the embarrassment many think will occur and call in sick that day.

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