Ronda Rousey Shows Off Her Sexy Side, Hints At A Return In A Cool New Ad For Reebok

Good news for Ronda Rousey fans. One has to think that she wouldn’t be doing this new ad for Reebok, one of the UFC’s big sponsors, if she was planning on settling into a career as a non-fighter.

One can now hope that perhaps this new ad means that she’s on her way back to the Octagon. Never thought I would say it, but fingers crossed, because the women’s division has been a clusterfuck since she got beat. No one can seem to defend the damn title.

In the new ad, Rousey talks about how she’s never claimed to be perfect. A fact made obvious by her ugly defeat at the hands, and more specifically, feet of Holly Holm. That being said, she was as close as we’ve seen someone come to being perfect in the UFC since Spider Silva’s lengthy reign.

The fact that she shows herself back in the gym, talking about redemption only further reinforces that fact that, yeah, she’s got unfinished business to attend to still.

Check it out…

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